Piezo NO NEEDLE Acupuncture Pen

Helps in reducing pain naturally and drug free...in seconds! Safe and effective hand-held nerve stimulator (NO needles) that never needs batteries or AC. Relieves the pain of arthritis, muscle aches, stiff joints, sports injury, carpal tunnel, TMJ, and migraines. Two electrical pulses are generated by a Piezo crystal each time the button is pressed. A negative polarity pulse is followed immediately by a positive pulse of the same amplitude so therefore it has the ability to balance an acupuncture point whether it's positive or negative.

Piezo-Designer. Light weight in design. Portable, made to last and easy to use in it's 5.5" X 0.6" diameter pencil like shape. Featuring a smooth black anodized metal surface with high tech styling, and gold plated electrode tips. 

This picture showing the spark arching across a thumbnail, shows the type of quick impulse - small charge that is used to stimulate problem areas.

Information and Operating Instructions:

Please read thoroughly before using your Piezo needle less acupuncture device.

Hold the device in one hand like you would to click open a ball point pen. Then with your thumb on the operating button you need to position the device at approximately 90 in relation to the area being treated. When using it on yourself, simply touch the tip to the skin in and around the area you're feeling the pain, and then depress the button. You will feel a slight (not painful) minor shock. Do this approximately 10 to 15 times all around the painful area. Repeat the treatment a few times if relief is not obtained.


When treating others, touch them with your free hand or a finger to complete the electrical circuit. The electrical pulse can then travel through the body to the point you are touching with your free hand (or finger). This method can be more effective because the electrical current passes through deeper tissue, muscle, and nerves and not just the outer skin surface.

Piezoelectric crystal spark devices have been in use for years. They have been tried on a variety of aches and pains with amazing results, but it is not effective for everyone, all of the time. Do not use it as an excuse not to consult a medical doctor, especially if suffering from a serious problem.

DO NOT use this or any nerve stimulator on the eyes, on children under 7, close to a malignant tumor, or around any flammable material that could be ignited by a spark. Do not use it if there are metal surgical implants, a pacemaker, or other electrical surgical implants. Don't use it around the fetus of a pregnant woman (hands, arms, legs, and feet are fine). Do not use it on anyone subject to seizures.

Our research of other databases selling similar devices has never shown anyone being injured from this type of piezoelectric spark therapy. The 10 millisecond pulse of high voltage has a very low micro-amp current capacity, similar to the static charge picked up from a carpet. It's best, however, to observe all cautions. 

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Piezo NO NEEDLE Acupuncture Pen

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